GVI Turkey

Hoşgörü Sok. No: 6/9
Kadıköy Istanbul

About Us

We Focus on You!

Gold Ventures Investment is based in Israel and Austria and has a wide network in 30 countries covering five continents to support companies in their respective target markets.

We provide the capital, network and expertise to the extraordinary entrepreneurs with passion and vision to build their successful companies through the idea they have on a global scale.

Our main activities are;

  • Helping early-stage start-ups in fundraising in the form of “Smart Finance”,

  • Providing direct access to the high-growth potential start-ups and projects from our portfolio for investors and managing all the processes together,

  • Bringing corporations, start-ups, government institutions and investors in the same equation to create win-win business scenarios in the right market with the right offering,

  • Providing strategic advisory services to the investors, entrepreneurs and corporations in areas such as Valuation, Due Diligence, International Expansion, Business Transformation, Start-up Transformation, Capital Fund Management, Sales and Business Development.


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