GVI Turkey

Hoşgörü Sok. No: 6/9
Kadıköy Istanbul

About Us

We Focus on Your Needs!

GVI Consulting is focusing on your needs in innovation sphere and design a roadmap for you to maximize outcomes from the efforts and resources that will be put on this journey. We do not have over-the-shelf solutions that is offered to everybody. We believe that all cases are special, and we tailor your special solution just for you!

Our main activities are;

  • Corporate innovation: How to make successful ventures in the corporate environment and
  • Startup innovation: How to build successful innovative business models in relevant markets and how to scale them up in global markets including fundraising process.
  • Open innovation: How to setup successful collaboration amongst different parties such as corporate, startup, university, techno-park, and governmental institutions and get expected results faster.
  • Circular transformation: We are building a tomorrow where products are made to be used rather than thrown away. Where circular design and intelligent systems will enable us to re-use the materials we need to make products. Where products are good for people and the planet. Contact us to learn more about it and how you can transform your business practices to be circular.

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